Necrophobic – Hrimthursum

necrophobic_090407_hrimthurI have always liked everything Necrophobic have done, and if they continue on their path of continually releasing solid Swedish death metal albums full of bludgeoning might and soaring guitar harmonies, I’m sure my opinions of this ever-impressive band will remain forever favorable. “Hrimthursum” continues where “Bloodhymns” left off and even though Tobias Sidegard’s vocals seem a bit less potent/deep this time around (not to mention a few moments of pitch singing), and Necrophobic are embracing more theatrical ideas to create a conceptual mental picture (as found on the tribal drumming and cinematic scope of “The Slaughter of Baby Jesus”), the songwriting remains true to this bands 1989 origin. Excellent tempo textures and hook bloated riffs/harmonies are once again the vibrant core of this bands obvious love for old styled death metal and such careful song/vocal arrangements gives “Hrimthursum” a lot of depth and skillful pacing. To continue on with the cinematic vision of this album, female opera background singers, occasional weeping and other tid-bits of artistic flair are positioned throughout this album, co-existing with the undeniably Swedish in composition and delivery, guitar harmonies and musical twists that have become synonymous with the country of Sweden. The talent and bond with excellent death metal is still very much a part of this country and the people that chose to pick up instruments and lash out at the heavens with such skilled and powerful death. Necrophobic have returned with 60 minutes of well-written and entertaining metal sure to instill the feelings of spiritual warfare in the hearts of those that have stood with the band since the beginning, all the while summoning new believers with the destructive and colorful craft found on “Hrimthursum” . – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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