Necrofog – Wherever our Deaths May Carry Us

The instrumentation found on “Wherever our Deaths May Carry Us” is really Necrofog’s saving grace, for sole proprietor Itay Keren really shouldn’t be singing. His vocals are painfully thin/weak sounding and it doesn’t help that he follows the guitar riffs exactly. I’ve really been bothered by this a lot lately when bands do this… highlight every syllable with the exact chord or beat… you can sit here and fake lip-synch along to the entire album and look like you know the words, because you know that a lyric will fall on every beat. This alone truly kills the depth and skill found in not only Necrofog’s music, but other bands as well that fall victim to their own lack of creative word placement. Having started out this review with the gloves (of metal) on, looking past the feeble vocals, Itay really has a good ear for writing theatrical songs that go in interesting directions. The equally thin production tries to sap away a lot of the power from this material, but the classical guitar, piano and synth accompaniment of the track, “Feral, Ferocious, and Unfettered” alone really points to a deeper understanding of composition and layering, not typically dealt with by your standard bedroom BM warrior. A sawing guitar tone and challenging riff ideas keep Necrofog’s music undeniably black metal in style and even though the synth work does begin to get a touch too flamboyant for my tastes, I would be interested in hearing this ambitious full-length demo re-recorded with the proper gear and most importantly, a different singer. Some obvious promise is on display here, but it is a demo after all and Itay Keren has a lot of work to do in ironing out all the bugs before taking his musical ideas to the next level. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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