Procer Veneficus – Ghostvoices

procer-veneficus_052206_ghoGhost voices indeed. Composed by a mountain lake, 1 man and an acoustic guitar are the core elements executed by Procer Veneficus. The stark minimalism somehow creates this very dank atmosphere, almost like the entirety of the album was recorded outside. There is no real room sound… Just a strange eerie vastness that strives to embrace nature and bend these forces into some sort of a monument representing the death of a mans soul. Supposedly there is only a guitar and voices on this album, but as found on “A Fridged Warmth Cascading” and “Rising From the Lake”, there is this note being held, as if way off in the distance that resembles a keyboard or an electric guitar being played with an ebow. Whatever instruments are found on here, this album really took me by surprise for its haunting qualities and affinity for truly scary atmosphere. Don’t expect “riffs” per say, just chord and note structures that seem to weep with the sorrow of nature as it struggles to survive in a time where it’s constantly under attack. There is a beauty and an underlying thread of darkness present that is truly unique. Best played during the evening hours, “Ghostvoices”acts as a dark ambient album that whispers to your deepest thoughts and leaves you feeling lost and alone in the wilderness. There is a Velvet Caccoon cover on here as well for the song “P.S. Nautical”. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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