As All Die – East West Noise Pact

up_062104_asalldieThis is a 3 song CDR, but the second track is 21 plus minutes so there is still quite a bit of music here. “Death In The Snow” begins the release with a deep drifting melody, that captures the essence of its title well, though at 7 minutes long without changing seemed excessive. “Russian Front” is next uses synth drones and subtle melody again but adds spoken vocals and sweeping bits of drama to animate things a bit. The vocals are treated in such a way and placed low in the mix so that what is being said isn’t immediately clear which I prefer, but the basic idea of the music stays virtually the same through the entire length. The final track “German Assault” features an gentle acoustic melody and synth accompaniment all drenched in reverb with a quiet vocal chant accompaniment. This is the piece with the most development and movement to it, and ended up being my favorite of the three. They all create their moods well, but the final piece had more to grab on to. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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