Quinta Essentia – Neutrality for Defined Chaos

quinta_neutrality1Neutrality for Defined Chaos” should really appeal to those of you with a musical short attention span, for Quinta Essentia fearlessly alternate between a progressive death metal perplexity ala Athiest, melodically charged Swedish black metal and a crunchier, mid nineties US death metal affinity. Even though this can make the tracks feel all over the place, Quinta Essentia always impress with some very mature and highly develpoed riff work where they perfectly offset the complexity of their rhythms, with more hook laden breaks that will remain with the listener. Vocally, the delivery seems just as open minded as the music as the singer bends his chords to highlight whatever type of metal is soaring below him. Pitch vocals/shouting can be found on the more progged out sections to really put me in mind of Athiest… especially with the types of riffs they are playing, along with a clean bass tone. This seems to be the most comfortable range for the singer, because the more “brutal” delivery as in guttural death moans and a sharper, black metal scream, seems rather shallow and not very convincing. With a full arsenal of some downright amazing solo work (arpeggio’s abound) and a mastering job by none other than James Murphy, “Neutrality for Defined Chaos” sounds as if it could have came out during the late 80’s/early nineties when thrash was beginning to cross over with other more extreme forms of metal. I think a more cavernous/full production would have really increased the intensity factor on this album since the sound canvas strikes me as being quite 2 dimensional, but Qinta Essentia really are a good band that are trying to bridge the gap between all their influences. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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