Regurgitate – Sickening Bliss

regurgitate_120306_sickeninIt really is getting old… The gore grind scene. A world where comical and grotesque album covers seem to be the only real mark of creativity, yet those of you into this scene keep eating it up and asking for more. I have really liked Sweden’s Regurgitate in the past due to the pig vomiting vocal stylings of Rikard, but it’s one of those things where you hear one or 2 releases, and you’re good. Golden even. The production on “Sickening Bliss” is very full on and hammering, but the 26 songs found on this album all sound the same. Short. Blasting. Irrelevant. Modern day Regurgitate has moved away from the over the top pus-tulating insanity found in this bands back catalog, to further sound like Nasum. Very heavy, yet short and too the point songs that go nowhere, quickly, and are over just as you find a source of meat to gorge upon. In this case, the meat is present when this band slows down to embrace a mid paced, or even slow riff that piles on the movement with a hint of groove. This is where Regurgitate takes steps towards creating music with more substance, but just as we get a taste, they discredit the good ideas by detonating with the same old speed riff, the same old blast beat and the same old predictable insertion of pitch shifted, hemorrhaged vocals. Necrophilia… glistening entrails… gobbled giblets… It’s like… haha… I get it… Sick… humorous… Now move on. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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