Resection – Zenith

resection_120306_zenithHoly brutal false harmonics Batman! Germany’s Resection pick up the fumbled severed head (hey… it’s football season, sorry for the pulpy pun!!) where the US death metal left it abandoned and injected their own sense of euro quality into an otherwise dying sound. Resection ultimately suffers for their lack of originality, but their songs are indeed well structured and possess enough memorable twists and moments to keep me interested during the 1 time I will likely listen to this CD. Powerful guitar harmonies sit comfortably alongside moshable mids and eye-crossing speed picking that’ll rip the skin right off the freshest of corpses. Toilety guttural vocals are the main deterrent for me on this CD. There is some inflection in the singers voice… From sick to sicker…. From dank pit gurgling, to busted bowel brutality, the vocals act as the contagion to bring this otherwise well composed, though a bit to false harmonic dependant death metal down to the US level of redundancy. 30 minutes of pounding, well produced abuse for thee, the gore fanatic that just cannot let those Suffocation CDs go. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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