Release Helen Rytha – Immigrant

Here is another amazing Richard Ramirez side project off of Pain Compliance. This beautiful lucid, sunken, and very gentle composition of ominous and stark drift layered with a sense of lost hope and tragedy charms on the first listen. “Immigrant’s” first of two tracks is “The Down Of Your Choices”. Its less is more approach prowls through a bass synthesizer drone that leaves a dreadful loneliness as the track slowly fades in and out only to end in a haunting silence. There’s not much to the said track, but a wonderful impulsion to relax to. The second track is “The Last Time I saw Her…” Here you’ll find what oddly enough sounds like running water. Along with metallic echoing and bass driven feedback The “Last Time I Saw Her…” has a calmness that over whelms and indulges in its noise inclinations with an appeasing style. Very hollow and distantly different from “The Down Of Your Choices”, there is one similarity and that is the sense of despair. Immigrant is the second tape format release that Pain Compliance has unleashed on to this perverse world we live in. Release Helen Rytha defines the standards and quality that Pain Compliance is known for just like Priest In Shit, Deathpile, and Steel Hook Prostheses. Highly recommended, and being that this is a limited edition of 50, it makes this release very hard to come by. But if found will be enjoyed wholly. – K


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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