RU-486 – Pretty In Piss

ru486_92406_prettyinHave I mentioned how much I love 3″ cds? Because I do. I’m also a sucker for packaging and the fact that this came wrapped in knee-high stockings was admittedly memorable. And hey, there were even two so maybe I can actually use them someday. But I kind of doubt that was the intention. Moving along, RU-486 is an atypical release for Autopsy Kitchen records, who usually specialize in black metal releases, most notably the stateside release of Silencer’s Death Pierce Me album. I appreciate labels branching out, and I certainly support the proliferation of new, interesting noise, but I’m not sure RU-486 is the best example. According to the AKR website, “RU-486 is a noise/ambient project in the strictest sense following the downward spiral of past projects such as Raison D’Etre, Smell & Quim, Taint and Grunt.” Aside from Smell & Quim with whom I’m unfamiliar, none of those comparisons ring true. The potent atmosphere present in Raison D’Etre’s work is absent. The wall of convulsive noise that’s a trademark of both Taint and Grunt appears nowhere on this release. I also wouldn’t say that this is a ‘noise/ambient project in the strictest sense’ – it certainly is not. I’ve listened to this release four times now and I still can’t figure out exactly what Professor M. (the ‘noize’ maker) is trying to accomplish. Going by track titles like ‘Teen Freak’, ‘Playground Full of Bones’, and ‘Tiny Blue Dress’, I was expecting something along the lines of Nicole 12’s Lolita Love or Playground, but that idea was way off. I was also expecting the album to be pieces of a cohesive whole, but it wasn’t that either. The tracks are mostly rhythmic, but not in a powernoise way (thankfully). Rather, it reminds me of Nurse With Wound’s Thunder Perfect Mind, but only in structure. The tracks don’t seem to be connected and they don’t go anywhere. So now that I’ve established what this release isn’t, it’s about time to talk about what it is. Herein lies my problem. There isn’t a whole lot to this release; it’s both short on time (which isn’t at all a bad thing) and concept. Or perhaps there is a concept behind it that isn’t being effectively conveyed. As it is, Pretty in Piss comes off as a random compilation of short, similar, mostly forgettable tracks. Parts of it are great – for example, ‘Music Box Stained with Blood’ plays effectively with time signatures and rhythms. Also, the album photo makes me uncomfortable which is always a plus. However, you know it’s a bad sign when you’re more interested in the packaging than the product. As a whole, I can’t endorse this release. However, I’d be interested to see what this ‘Professor M’ does with RU-486 in the future. – Christine Lett

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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