Scid – Fucked Beyond Recognition

scid_120306_fuckedThe first thing that I noticed about the album was the playful song titles. While most were fairly straight forward, my personal favorite was “Staring Inside the Womb”. That title was my favorite because it reminded me of “Tearing Inside the Womb” by Dying Fetus, which I think is a great song. I appreciate Scid’s little twist on the title much in the same way as I appreciated Dying Fetus little twist on Napalm Death’s “Scum”. Getting on with the review, this young German band features members of the established German death metal band Embedded. However, Scid prefer to play grinding death as opposed to the more Swedish based death preferred by Embedded. There is a lot more melody found on “Fucked Beyond Recognition” than you’ll find on most death grind albums though. This is a definite plus in my opinion as it makes the songs more discernable from one another as well as making them more memorable. This disc compiles two of the bands ep’s, but I believe one of them is new and makes its debut on this release. I did not shit my pants over “Fucked Beyond Recognition”, but it was a pretty solid offering of heavy death grind that I can see myself spinning again from time to time when I have already had my fill of the classics for a while. – Lance Rogers

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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