Semargl – Satanogenesis

semargl_120306_satanoMisanthropic black metal from Ukraine that transgresses morality and aims to destroy this rotten christian world! – (exclamation point mine). I love promo sheets. They’re so quotably hilarious. Or maybe I’m just jealous because they get paid to write that garbage and I don’t. I’m not familiar with Semargl’s previous material, but “Satanogenesis” smacks of more mainstream black metal i.e Dimmu Borgir. The production is crystal clear, there are keyboard breaks and melodic guitar work, and there are attempts at atmospheric industrial sounds (hear “Protonic Zone of Hell”). Speaking of industrial elements, why is it so en vogue to incorporate random electro interludes and breaks all of a sudden? It’s pretentious, annoying, and badly done. Being a metal musician does not mean you know anything about industrial. So stop it. It’s occasionally effective, but usually it’s just contrived and irritating. Moving on, “Satanogenesis” is so accessible that it’s hard to say anything particularly bad about it. If you’re looking for something innovative and fresh, skip Semargl. If you like sitting around drinking beer and headbanging with friends, you may want to give this a try. – Christine Lett

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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