Terror Throne – Death is the Cleanser

terrorthrone_032707_deathisThis was a high honor to receive in the mail as I was an enormous fan of Terror Throne’s “Sick Obsession to Pain”. Robert Campos is someone I see as a true visionary as well as someone any real underground artist can empathize with. While everyone by now is probably unimpressed by the one-man-band idea, be completely assured that this isn’t a lo-fi, one-dimensional, poorly played album. “Death is the Cleanser” is complex, refined and rehearsed. The dual-guitar licks are ever-present and always changing in an indefinably controlled chaos. Carefully harmonized to evoke an array of pain, desolation, fury, and beauty wherever needed in these versatile hymns. Take Miscreant’s “Dreaming Ice”, Dawn’s (Swe) first offering, or Dark Tranquillity’s second EP and imagine those melodies much more abrasive and death metal orientated. The result is a work that is both varied and precise, intriguing and mystifying. The drums follow in the mix very low but this seems much more of a conscious and artistic decision given the obvious emphasis on guitar interplay. One thing I notice about this album is that it lacks some of the moments found on “Sick…” where slower almost Ophthalamianesque simplicity dominated in smaller sections. However, I see little need to repeat any charm from previous efforts if they were initially executed perfectly. Another notable mention is how attacking the vocals are this time around. With a stellar piece of music laid out we hear Campos venomously dictating his world upon us. Rising beneath this tasteful sickness encompasses the rasping breath of putrescence. Albums like this aren’t released nearly enough. I believe that anyone who heard “Sick Obsession to Pain” and took it in as the high art it is will find “Death is the Cleanser” a most mandatory purchase. Completely fucking essential in my books. – TRA


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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