Thyrfing – Farsotstider

thyrfing_052206_farsoI think the last time I heard this band was with the “Urkraft” album. To be completely honest, I really never cared for Thyrfing and this album, as much as I’ve listened to it, is no different. All these “viking metal” bands never did anything for me outside of Hades (Nor), Enslaved’s “Vikingligr Veldi” and, of course, anything Quorthon touched. I respect the sentiment and purpose behind paying tribute to a greater past or history, but it never makes music better. “Farsotstider” really strikes me as an album I would have liked had it been one of the first metal albums I bought. It has the characteristics of an epic, bombastic record. A clean production, heavy groove-orientated riffs, keyboards that roll out of the speakers as though you were listening to the soundtrack to a famous battle scene, bombastic drums, convincing vocals, etc, etc… This just seems too played out for my tastes today. One way I could redeem this album would be that a kid picks this up, loves it, and discovers “Hammerheart” a year later. Thyrfing really striving for originality? Are they paying tribute to the bands they grew up with and just giving it a modern …edge’? Eleven years is a long history for a band. The intention is more than likely sincere. The material isn’t poorly written and they aren’t bad musicians. I’m at a loss for words. Perhaps this is just beyond my tastes. – TRA

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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