Totem – S/T MCD

totem_090407_stA unique experience can be found on this meaty, 70’s bloated slab of doom. Sabbath-isms are hurled at the listener, though Totem’s overall sound is far more down tuned and more psychedelically tormented by a Hammond organ and the wah pedal soaked solos that blur the lines between reality and a waking hallucinogenic dream. Where the music is downtrodden, often times sluggish, the vocal delivery of Jex Thoth’s soothing feminine croon offers a distinct beauty to lie down with Totem’s fiendish beast. She offers some very angelic harmonies to co-exist with the organic, totally 70’s inspired analog tone and in a strange way, her style of phrasing and overall delivery does point to a fond appreciation of Ozzy’s vocal contributions to Black Sabbath. The music churns within smooth/laid back compositions that center on powerful chord riffs, never shying away from moving hooks when needed. Fans of old styled, acid enhanced doom found back in the hippy-infested heyday of the genre should really take to Totem’s unashamed emulation of that particular era. I’m sure in a live setting, this band is loud as hell and even more jammed out with elongated solos leading the charge along to a shaking tambourine and the pulsating push of this very authentic wave of sound. -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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