Tyrant of Manchester, The – Rough Musick – Bad Blood

tyrantofmanchester_090407_rRough Musick – Bad Blood” turns out to be a very interesting experiment, for The Tyrant of Manchester’s bold cross pollination of harsh scraping noisescapes and pure, digitally augmented black metal celebrates the free spirit of creating music without ANY restrictions. For this simple fact, I bow to the man behind this project for crushing the lines between noise and BM, but this doesn’t mean that this ambitious full-length is entirely listenable from start to finish. In fact, I’ve found myself enjoying this much more when I listened to the disc in shifts. One or 2 tracks at a time maximum. Any more exposure becomes tiring. Riffs are present beneath the heaving mash of electronics and drum work processed/soaked in distortion, but they tend to wander much like my attention span as I try to force myself deeper into this rather alien sounding body of work. The layers run deep, mainly due to the lo-fi, densely layered sound manipulation only, for the music itself seems rather singular. The drum machine and 1 guitar line stands out, then what appears to be a programmed bass/keyboard line, all draped with the noxious plume of burning electronics and sizzling wires. The songs just tend to drag on, with little direction, other than straight forward/completely linear. There’s little noticeable repetition, or hooks, which contributes to the fact that “Black Blood – Rough Musick” is a challenge to listen to in almost every aspect. Add multiple vocal layers, from random chatter, to pitch singing, to full on black metal screams and you are left with what can be simply described as an impressive art piece. I can be in the mood for high-brow experimentation such as this, and once again, I’m impressed, but I really feel too estranged by the sonic fray of this material to feel so compelled to sit down for a full-length worth of musical abuse. – Marty

Web: http://www.myspace.com/thetyrantofmanchester

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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