Beyond Description – A Road To A Brilliant Future

up_060704_beyonddescript15 tracks here, three of which are listed as bonus tracks, from this Japanese Hardcore band. I’m not really familiar with their past releases, but this disc is great. Blasting rhythms, furious drums and a raw yell inject all the energy here. The guitars have a heavy metallic tone and a nearly relentless pace, pausing for brief periods to mix in some mid paced accents to the driving speed and even a few of melodic leads. The pacing of “A Road To A Brilliant Future” is completely infectious grabs you from its first moments and carries you through all of the material with a furiousness. Lyrically the themes range from personal to social to political and they are printed here in both English and Japanese. I’m going to need to check out their back catalog because this is really enjoyable stuff. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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