Birdflesh – Night Of The Ultimate Mosh

qb_40603_birdfleshWow… with titles like “Kid of the Brown Vomit” “Bowelthrasher” & “Coffinfucker” my hopes for this were not high, not low either, but I was expecting average slightly kitschy Death /Grind and little else… but this is flooded with intensity and power. Searing blast breaks, nice slower breaks that remind me slightly of the hey day of German Thrash cranked up and modernized and well phrased and impassioned death growls and screams. Not to say that this is a thrashy album, it is Death /Grind down to its putrid marrow. The writing is catchy and memorable, not overly complex, but consistently interesting and infectious. Perhaps most refreshing, is that it stays that way through 22 screaming tracks, something too many of their peers aren’t able to pull off. This is really well done, and thoroughly fun and enjoyable. I really like the production on this to, it’s not to compressed sounding or overly produced, it’s got a raw edge, but is still clean and loud, and just plain furious. I’m damn impressed… – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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