Black Moon Halo/Ruin Everything – Split

qb_010504_blackmoonruineverThis is a split 20 minutes cassette tape featuring two tracks from Black Moon Halo, and one lengthy piece from Ruin Everything. First up is Black Moon Halo, a side project of Larry Kerr of Steel Hook Prostheses notoriety. “The Blackest Day” is an isolated and chilly synth piece, with a pulsing rhythmic base and inhuman vocal gurgles. “Behead & Behold” is the second track from BMH it has a more foundry type ambience, with cycling clatters that build in volume and urgency to an almost tribal insdustrialism. Ruin Everything creates a single, subtle piece of cryptic ambient with a scraping electronics thread running through it softly that creates a cold and treacherous feel effectively. It’s quite lonely sounding, and yet has a threatening presence at the same time, particularly as the track begins to swell a bit and add some details as it moves forward. A really nice little release. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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