Black Sand Desert – Blight

One 20+ minute track graces this 3″ CDR, and the insert states that it is part one of a forthcoming trilogy. The piece builds slowly from deep rumbles and crumbling distortions. Steady high frequencies and feedback begin to appear in the mix but are set into the distorted crunches and behave atmospherically rather than as ear damage. The mid range distortions and static’s rise up as well, creating a denser and denser track while still maintaining some semblance of atmosphere. As the piece progresses, the heavy distortions are added and removed to leave behind fluttering electronics and some nice analog squirms and flickers. This addition and subtraction of sounds and shifts in tone mix things up well, yet “Blight” remains attached to the heavy distortions that open it. This is really well put together. The sounds are interesting, and carry a unique presence through the length of the track. The noise level swells and recedes with extended moments of odd tension and mood that returns to the rusty textures and tectonic low end. Black Sand Desert has done a wonderful job of crafting an interesting track that flows even with all of its barbed and jagged edges and never stagnates despite its epic length. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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