Black Sand Desert – Séance

up_092004_blacksanddesertThis is 3″ CDR featuring one nearly 20 minute long track, and acts as part 2 in the trilogy that was launched with the “Blight” 3″ on Snip – Snip. Black Sand Desert create an nebulous style of abrasive Noise. It is harsh in its textures, and the distortions are steeped in a rusted and corrosive tone, but the over all feel is not one of abandon by any stretch. The piece churns along with everything hemmed in just a bit to create a more atmospheric and fluid presentation. The sound is steady and thick with new components, loops, and underlying heave, little flutters of electronics rising and falling gradually around the core of caustic erosions. It’s a very dense release, and the distortions consistently have that jagged edge to them that I always seem to like. “Séance” is a bit more straight forward than “Blight” but evolves nicely and the quality of the sounds is consistently strong. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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