Boris – Amplifier Worship

up_031504_borisThis is a CD re-issue of an out of print Japanese only release from Boris. Along with Sunn O))), Boris is one of the torch bearers of infinite drone left in the wake of Earth. I’ve not heard Earth, and I found the “Absolutego” record from Boris to be much closer to minimal dark ambient or something than anything Doomy, save for the last few minutes of the disc. “Amplifier Worship” however begins with the grimy downtuned dirge and scowling vocals that I was hoping for. Plodding, saturated chords lumber with the deliberateness of a concentrating drunkard trying to get from the bar stool to the toilet. Heavy, and purposeful yet uneasy and above reality. These tracks come across as drawn out jams with careful orchestration behind them. To achieve the timing to play this slow is a far greater task than unleashing some obscenely complex Grind riff I’m sure. The tempo does fluctuate, as well, an upbeat driving drum line feeds the more animated moments of the disc. To the prominent, laborious dirge, elements of ambience, tribalism, psychedelia and Punk all raise their heads. This ends up being a pretty diverse release by the time it’s over, crushing chord damage, quiet melodic minimalism, driving Punk influenced Rock, esoteric tribal beats, fuzzed out psychedelic washes. “Amplifier Worship” is a much more satisfying listen than “Absolutego” was for these ears, and I finally am beginning to see why this band has gotten the response from its fans that it has. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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