Brittle Foundaries – Elegy

This is a single track 3″ CDR, from this new side project from the man behind Luasa Raelon. There are two other Brittle Foundries 3″‘s that preceded this one, which I will hopefully get around to reviewing one of these days because they are equally good. “Elegy” is a nearly 22 and a half minute piece of evolving hallucinatory Dark Ambient. Relying on synth drones and subtle melodies to coax you into its fragile haze, this piece wraps itself around the listener and lets the imagination thrive. The overall construction seems rather minimal, but the nature of the piece itself feels much more complex. The title is a fitting one really, as there is a tragic beauty all through this, between the morose melody and clanging of distant bells. It’s a rich tone that draws you into it in a way that few can manage. It’s delicate but somehow forceful. Impressive. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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