Chefkirk – Tax Cuts For Nose Jobs

up_110104_chefkirkThis is a 9 track CDR. It’s an eclectic collection of Noise experiments, found sounds, cut up, harsh textures, ambient drones, rhythmic loops and various other odds and ends. Some of this comes off as a bit on the quirky side, based on the squirting and snorking (I know that isn’t a word) nature of the sounds, at others it seems more straight forward. There is some nice work here, and I like a lot of the sounds, squirting or otherwise, because there is a precision to them. They are sharp and distinct, and even though many of them seem to be processed similarly, that clarity in the mix is a nice way to let the character of the project come through. There is a lot of ground covered here, ranging from minimalism to pretty dense, and it is all woven together pretty cohesively. I’ve seen some good reactions to other releases from this project and now understand why, in addition to being impressed that it is actually different than a lot of the stuff you see praised for seemingly no reason. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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