Chewable Cyst – No Country Will Escape America

Seven songs of fluid Industrimetal oddity on this sleeve packaged CDR. “Cocksmoker” opens the record with a droning wash of guitars and minimal disembodied vocals interspersed with random blast beats. “What Would Jesus Bomb?” uses a quirky electro beat beneath the chugging guitars and heavily processed vocals that plays out like a filthier, more irreverent version of Skrew or something along those lines. Next we have a spastic, jerky tantrum in the form of “I’ll Get You.” That mixes dramatic slow beats, with weird electronic beats, frantic screams and a monotone spoken vocal. “Sunday Night Fever” mixes Middle Eastern melody with more whimsical electronic beats, and weaves into it digital Grindcore blasts that stop and start as the rest plays out. “America Strikes Back” uses a more familiar Industrial Metal sort of sound but breaks it up with ambient synth interludes and samples. “Blood Culture” is a moderately more straight forward Grindcore track, that uses some awkward processing on the vocals to kind of double them up. “Killing The President Is Illegal” finishes this off with a droning more spacious track, loosely akin to the more abstract Godflesh songs. The production on this is a bit raw, but I think everything comes through alright, and I think gives it more impact than if it was real polished. Definitely not what I was expecting from a band named Chewable Cyst whose first track is called “Cocksmoker.” It’s a pretty interesting record, and certainly different than most of what passes over my desk. Probably not for everyone, but enjoyable. – Scott


~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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