Contagious Orgasm – From The Irresponsible Country Sounds

up_121304_contagiousorgasmThis is a two track MCD from this outstanding Japanese project who along with Dissecting Table and K2 have long represented the best of what comes out of the Japanese Noise scene. “The World Of The Pillaged Sound” is the first piece, coming in at nearly twelve and a half minutes. It combines a number of elements you don’t immediately associate with Contagious Orgasm. It has an elusive structure to it, that brings together strange beats, rue melody, environmental recordings, found sounds, cut up and as well as noise textures and sampling. This all morphs rather fluidly and makes for a completely intriguing track full of oddity and an uncomfortable curiosity. Despite the different elements there is a cinematic quality to it in a strange way. Almost is if a full length feature had been edited down to this twelve minutes and then made slightly more coherent with overlapping textures to bind it all together. The second piece is “Ill-Treatment Endlessly” comes in at over ten and a half minutes. This continues down the same peculiar path as the first track bringing additional components, and pushing different things too and away from the foreground. The production is also noteworthy as everything sounds immaculate. It’s so clear and distinct, that every sound stands firmly on its own in the delusional haze they have mustered. Really an excellent piece of work, and while it might initially confound the average noise fan, it really is a great listen for those who still appreciate some experimentation in their Experimental music. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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