Control – Misanthrope

qb_120103_controlControl is a Power Electronics project that shames so many other Power Electronics projects. The material is so meticulously constructed and detailed, so conscious of creating mood and atmosphere, that it almost defies the genre that it caters to. The music is woven tightly with layers of diverse frequency, grating loops, catacombal drift, throbbing analog, absolutely trenchant vocals and not just simply tantruming over simplistic noise and feedback like so many bedraggled PE projects that get far more respect. Control transcends the pure rage associated with the genre and reveals the darker, more infectious and sinister emotions that build that rage. The hurt and contemplation and introspection that swells between the fingers of a life losing perspective on it’s way to detonation. These elements are all found smeared and drowning in the musical din, the occasionally rhythmic pulses, the cacophonous stabs. The corrosive vocals slice through the swells, but are placed in the mix as much like another instrument as anything else. It is not all about the “message” as so many PE acts have been in the past. It is about arousing the listener with atmosphere and creating a sonic environment where nothing good seems possible for people who might inhabit it. With each release Control has expanded it’s sound and honed it’s vision, and “Misanthrope” is a clear example that Power Electronics need not be a one dimensional endeavor. In fact that it’s true power, and exploring the perversions of the mind as so many PE projects do, is better revealed when explored through their many layers and not simply as the ravings of a derelict. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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