Control – Natural Selection

up_030804_controlControl is a project that genuinely gets better with each release, beginning as a somewhat straight forward but layered Power Electronics entity with the self titled releases on Malignant/Black Plagve each subsequent CD has developed the sound, incorporating a pummeling pseudo structure at the foundation and tightly weaving unique and distinct sounds though out that ominous root work. “Natural Selection” is the most recent evolution in the metamorphosis. Heavy low end cycles and grinds away beneath these tracks with a hypnotic crush, and the elaborate abrasions splash and scrape atop it. Added to this mix are impassioned vocals filtered through diverging effects palettes so as not to become redundant in their attack. Having listened to as much of this kind of music as I have this is a project that never ceases to give me pause and wonder what the hell is wrong with so many others. It is densely layered and finitely pieced together with some of the most intriguing sounds going to create a Frankenstein’s monster of hulking dread and contempt. So much of Power Electronics is about the vocals where as Control never sacrifices the music or the emotional weight at the alter of rhetoric. “Natural Selection” is bloated with the best the Death Industrial and Power Electronics scenes have to offer in craftsmanship and is produced with crystalline detail so nothing that went into it goes overlooked. Exceptional. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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