County Medical Examiners, The – Forensic Fugues And Medicolegal Medleys

up_030804_countyThe County Medical Examiners boast that they are in fact students of pathology, they are also students of Carcass styled Gore Grind. While I can’t speak for their dissection abilities, they do a good job picking up where “Symphonies of Sickness” left off. “Forensic Fugues…” carries a lot of the energy of the early Carcass work, and makes for a really enjoyable listen in homage to the great ones. Multiple processed vocals always keep the tracks interesting, ranging from decrepit gurgles to scathing Donald Duck screams and all the sticky bits in between. The music is a well done mix of Grind and mid paced riffs with some memorable progressions. Lyrically they don’t require the same massive dictionary that Carcass wrote from, but are still rather academic, and likely more authentic. This disc is just a fun listen, it’s shows a true passion and appreciation for what they are doing, and thanks Carcass right in the liner notes for being their reason for existence. And it’s not as derivative as all of that might suggest, heavily influenced yes, but TCME can write a catchy, energetic, emotive Grind track better than many out there, and the vocals in all their forms are a real highlight. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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