Crowhead – Frozen

qb_51203_crowheadI hadn’t heard of this project before this, it’s a solid mix of Katatonia-ish doom with some of the better elements of the Darkwave scene… yet that still doesn’t seem quite right, I think largely because of the vocals. Simple distorted guitar riffing combines with cleaner melodic accents and build a morose and dreary wall. The writing is well structured for emotional effect, the cleaner instrument work is quite effective, bass, synths etc. The vocals are largely clean and sung, and for the most part I like them, but there are a couple parts where they get a little to… “rock ballad” for my taste, and I wish they were a smidge deeper. On the whole though they are quite listenable and work very well in the context . The track “Fire Eye (kill you)” shows off some growling vocals and he’s got a nice snarl that reminds me abit of Samael. “Frozen (2002)” and “My Angel (signal krem remix)” have a bit more electronic beat to them, even though the drums are programmed throughout, these tracks draw a bit more attention to it. But they aren’t overbearing or betray the overall feel of the record. “The Soul Is In The Darkside (Pt1) and (Pt2)” are pretty much straight forward EBM tracks and are actually remixes by Icon of Coil, members of Apoptygma Berzerk also make contributions to the record. I can see this record growing on me. It’s simple, yet sound. It incorporates a lot of quieter breaks, but doesn’t sell itself short when the distortion comes in and the album is all the heavier for it. The production is full and warm… enjoyable – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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