Cryptic Slaughter – Convicted

qb_92903_crytpic_convictedCryptic Slaughter are a band that attained classic status during their all to brief time putting out records, and had their legacy tarnished just a bit by one remaining member putting out a radically different kind of album after the heart and soul of the band had moved on. “Convicted” was their first official release and introduced the world to their genius mix of Thrashcore with good ole Punk Rock. This re-issue pulls together the 14 tracks from the original “Convicted” release, the 5 tracks from their “Life In A Grave” Demo from 1985, and four live tracks recorded in 1988. Combining a heavy driving rhythm section of pronounced drums and bass guitar and buzzing guitar distortion, Cryptic Slaughter were one of the fastest bands going during their day, and could still right great slower hooks, add to that the raw, grating vocals and political, social and personal lyrics, and it is a picturesque crater of pissed off, aggressive intensity. The material has been re-mastered for added punch, and the addition of the extra tracks make this a great resuscitation and introduction for a new generation that may have missed them the first time around. Cryptic Slaughter remains a favorite of mine all these years later, and having this stuff easily available so I no longer have to fear the death of my old cassettes is a grand thing. The demo material has a raw, but strong practice room sort of feel, and includes some tracks that never made the records. The live tracks feature a couple off “Convicted” and a couple off of “Money Talks” and were recorded in Houston. They sound live, but the energy is all there. In addition the lyrics for “Convicted” and historical liner notes are included in the extensive booklet. I’m So glad Relapse put the energy behind preserving Cryptic Slaughter for the ages. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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