Cryptic Slaughter – Money Talks

qb_92903_crytpic_moneyAs with the “Convicted” re-issue the “Money Talks” re-issue has many of the same bells and whistles on that, re-mastered production, a continuation of the history stated in “Convicted”, lyrics for the album proper, and bonus tracks. This time the bonus material includes five tracks from the demos for their third album “Stream of Consciousness” including one track that was never released. There is one track from their final live performance as the original line up in Detroit “Just Went Black” also off “Stream…” and three more tracks from the show in Houston that the live material on “Convicted” is culled from. Two from “Stream…” and one from “Money Talks.” So even though “Stream of Consciousness” hasn’t been re-issued you still get some of the great songs from that release as well. And the album didn’t sound much better than a demo production originally, so hearing them in demo form or live, doesn’t lose anything really. “Money Talks” shows a maturation over “Convicted” but the direction is the same, blistering speed off set with catchy slower breaks, the pained yells and thinking man’s lyrics, the prominent rhythm section and a delicious mix of Speedcore and Punk. This band was so important to me, and has remained a favorite to this day, that in itself should give the uninitiated reason to brush up on their history and give Cryptic Slaughter a chance, and for those that knew and loved them then, there are lots of valuable extras. If “Speak Your Peace” is the only Cryptic Slaughter you have heard, then you haven’t heard Cryptic Slaughter. This is Cryptic Slaughter. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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