Habeeb – Sega Vecchia

habeeb_060506_segaThis is a 3 song, 3″ CDR, with nice but simplistic packaging that seems to be part of some kind of series from Pitch Phase records because I have a few here from them that are similarly designed. I really like the look of them, very nice. Habeeb is a side project of one half of Steel Hook Prostheses. “The Old Woman In The Tree Bark Mask” opens things up with sub bass Dark Ambient tones and faraway samples before giving away to a grinding cycle of distortion and garbled vocal processing backed by more tonal hums for body. The galloping pace of the loop falls away to a throbbing drift of shifting statics and distant reverberations through the mid section and then lurches forward again from the murky floor to close things down. “Sawn Into Planks” is the second piece mixing brutal arctic wind surges with humming generator tones. Despite the title, the sounds immediately make me think of some battered frozen outpost far from the eyes of the world. This is not serene, it is wind whipped and scared and barely hanging on. There is a low throbbing hum that works through the track giving it a deliberate pace and an anchor for the suggested screams and gusting tonal static to play off of. “Spoilsport” closes the disc out with strip mine machinations and biting higher frequency distortion sweeps. The play of ambience, rhythmic loops and cutting distortions throughout the release give each piece its own face and its own particular feeling of urgency and dread. It’s a well done play of textures and atmosphere that build into a formidable grind of Dark Noise. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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