He Who Corrupts – The Smell Of Money EP

hewhocorrputs_060506_thesmeThis is a 5 song EP with none of the tracks breaching the 2 minute mark. Spazzy, Screamo/Grind, that is played at a furious pace with witty song titles like “Whose Ball Bearings Need Greasin'” and “Pain In The Tight Pants.” The vocals switch between an unyielding screech and that sort of weird spoken/sung/whined style. There are a handful of samples thrown in and a disjointed sort of timing that is a bit like someone staring you in the eye screaming and then randomly smashing every piece of furniture in the room. “The Smell Of Money” is a savage listen, of discord and blasting fury that really doesn’t leave much of an impression when its done having its hissy fit. Aside from the final track “Grinding For Jesus” there aren’t a lot of sustained writing ideas here to stick in your craw. It is about the energy of the attack itself rather than the songs they are attacking with it seems. When someone smashes a roomful of furniture you don’t really remember what they looked like with the lamp in their hand just that you have an asshole and a big mess to deal with when they are done. There isn’t much breathing room here and the good ideas get lost in the hyperventilating I’m afraid. I think if some of the riffs and ideas were given some space to play out a bit and the tempo variations lasted more than a couple bars at a time this would have had a more dynamic sort of power to it rather than the sucker punch, smash and grab kind of power it does have. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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