Okha/Macronympha & Prurient – Split

up_051605_okha_macropurientThis is a split 12″ on gold vinyl and one track per side. Okha came at you first with “Mute, Naked, Pure” a beast of active low end Harsh Noise. Deep saturated distortions that while the tone remains rather steady, are constantly shifting within that range. There are quick barbs of higher frequencies that act as detail to the charred rumble. There are vocals and samples that try push there way just to the surface of the roar, but never quite break it and it ads another dimension here that works well. Side two is a Macronympha, Prurient collaboration and they call it, “Perpetual Motion (Fucking and Sucking)”. The track moves from Harsh Noise spasm, to a more reserved sizzling hisses, broken low end tones, and fried out sizzles and shorts. The first couple minutes of this felt pretty straight forward, but the way the track develops it quite engaging. The textures and sounds evolve well, and it never really returns to the full clamor that opened the track. The sound on the whole LP is really good and there a nice bass response on the low end. Nice. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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