Okha – Land Of Dead Expectations

This is a 3″ CDR featuring a single 18 minutes track. The track begins with an ambient hum and what sounds like megaphone vocals (sample?) before the harsh textures come storming in. That tonal foundation remains as the flailing abrasions do battle overhead. The atmospheric texture gives the track a nice body and there is a room ambience to the whole recording that makes me wonder if this wasn’t a live track but there is no indication of that on the package. The sounds are strong and the production solid, but it has an airiness to the overall sound that gives the track a presence that is distinct and beneficial. The tone is chaotic in the details with lots of mid range and higher frequencies above the lower drone and there is a good energy. However the textures blend into each other well thanks to that airy quality, and it becomes a piece you can sink into rather than simply be confronted by. About 10 minutes in it all drops away and a sample plays out for a bit of someone talking about murder and his acceptance of jail from what I can tell, and then the noise and feedback bellows up once more. I am not sure why but this makes me think of someone’s arms clawing at the sky as they drown, that absolute panic amid the surrounding calm of the sea. There are no aquatic type tones or anything to suggest that, but the activity of the electronics in that dull hum and natural sounding reverb leaves me with that image. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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