Panther Skull – Slothwave

pantherskull_060506_slothwaThis is a 4 track CDEP, with all of the tracks untitled. Panther Skull is a side project of Devillock, and operates in the sort of creepy Dark Noise realm. Not that really any of this is particularly noisy, it’s quite ambient really, but the types of sounds and the general lo-fi tone to the textures give it some common ground in feel with its noisier cousins. There isn’t anything overly complex or excessively layered here, they are simple atmospheres culled from organ tones, and tape and loop manipulations for the most part with some electronic elements mixed in. I really like this though, the simplicity has enough evolution that the pieces move and develop all the while carrying with them an eerie, dirt floor basement kind of feel. A frightened sadness almost. It feels like walking an abandoned building on a breezy night. That ambience of moving air and little things falling over in places out of sight. “Slothwave” is simply constructed but nicely composed and really draws a lot from the sounds and sources that are here. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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