Omei – … A Single Sickened Cell

up_062104_omeiOmei is the more ambient leaning project of the man behind Harsh Noise juggernaut Sickness. “The Word And The Law” opens the disc with a mix of piercing high end tones and lower tonal frequencies swell as a staticy voice speaks out rather indecipherably from the middle of the mix. The title track is up next build from a foundation of watery pulses and subtle melody a thread of sizzled electronics begins to weave its way through the ambience. A sweeping gritty drone adds to the building sonics and what ends up being a nicely layered and really fluid track. “Trait” is next up, alternating ambient pulses and intermittent static like bursts while serial killer news samples play out. “For Mother” uses a deep throb and more of the degenerated electronics to build it’s core, in that there are looping female choral vocals that add a really nice presence. “Victim To Victimized” holds the 5th spot. It’s a dense and shifting track with a layered mix of looping ambience, samples, and grating, windswept textures that becomes fairly noisy. “Ten Minute Lifetime” and “Do You Feel Like Jesus?” finish up the disc, there is only one track here under the 9 minutes mark so even though there are just 7 tracks, there is a lot of music here. Omei do a nice job of mixing a hypnotic ambience with abrasive textures and higher frequency grit, and the sampling doesn’t overshadow the music but behaves as another layer rather than a focal point. Nicely done with my favorites being the title track and track 5. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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