Ond – For Influence Blooms Of The Subtle Wing

up_032204_ondThis 7 song CDR, comes packaged in a nice looking DVD case thanks once again to the folks at Somnambulant Corpses Recordings (now just called Somnambulant Records.) I have the Önd full length that was released previous to this and thought it was alright, but haven’t found myself returning to it often. With “For Influence…” their sound seems to have matured quite a bit, and thus makes this a more memorable project and release. Ominous tonal Dark Ambient with melodic accents is the quick and dirty description of what to expect here. However, there is a nice depth and character to the tracks, that is noteworthy, and the use of melody is quiet effective as it provides a nice foothold for the listeners attention amid the crumbling textures and cavernous drift. There isn’t a lot of layering in the tracks, or well defined evolution, but the subtlety and richness of the sounds used helps to keep it pretty engaging along with the melodic and sparse percussive elements. There is a nice warmth to “For Influence…” as well that makes it a slightly different kind of listen for the genre. This is a nice step forward for this project, and I’ll be curious to see where Önd goes from here. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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