Origami Recyklika – Out of the Digital Wasteheap Come Gifts of Garbage

qb_82503_origamiThis is a single track CDR, lasting just over 28 minutes, the sole member of OR went on to become one half of Recant. The disc unfurls a tapestry of digital statics, squawks, blips and glitches battered about by grinding distortion textures that press toward and withdraw from the foreground and thus shift the abrasiveness of the track, it travels from quite noisy to more ambient spells throughout. The low-fi sonics of the heavy distortions is an interesting juxtaposition against the very crisp and precise nature of the digital elements. Most of the frequencies displayed are in the mid and hi ranges, there isn’t a really much low end to most of the first half, and I think that can lead to a little bit of sameness do to the reduced dynamic spectrum, even though the track does develop quite a bit over the span. The second half of the piece is more focused on the distortions than the electronics, though they still surface. The track winds down with some nice low end static and fried sounds. In the end there is some cool stuff, here, but might have been more effective if pared down by a few minutes, still a well developed track there with a nice diversity of elements. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 4, 2009.

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