Father Befouled – Revulsion of Seraphic Grace

No one can deny Incantation’s influence on extreme music. Likewise, no one can discuss Father Befouled without mentioning Incantation, as Father Befouled’s music presents itself as more or less an homage to the Golgotha-beseigers in a way that may – or may not – hinder their songs’ long-term staying power. But now that the obvious comparison/poignancy question has been dealt with, we can get to the grit. This album slays, like any great death metal album should, sharpening and refining that which has come before. From the blast-backed growl of ‘Indulgence of Abhorrent Prophecies’ onward (pun intended? you decide), FB do what their fathers did before them: construct an atmosphere of fear. And when, courtesy of these new DM masters, you find yourself trapped in an abomination’s entrails, you should be afraid. Memorable tremolo-picked riffs, dripping with delectable darkness, mate perfectly with slug-paced doom and guarantee a return to your teenage bedroom, when even before you pushed play on certain records, you knew you were about to listen to something that was just, well … wrong to the outside world. I commend Father Befouled for bringing the anxiety back to these atrophying ears, an anxiety that will carve tracks like ‘Irreverant Ascendancy’ into my battered brain, leaving scars that will remain long after the headphones come off. Revulsion of Seraphic Grace should not be experienced solely that way, however. I recommend getting somewhere, turning out the lights, and scourging yourself and anyone else around you by blaring this fantastic filth through large speakers, as befits the heft of this sound. Further augment this scenario with a tasty beverage and respectful head-nods when appropriate, and you will allow this record’s no-frills, genuine approach to relevant death metal consume you in the way it intends to. When the doom-soaked moan of J. Stubbs’ and D. Gould’s guitars drag you unwillingly toward the finality of ‘Triumvirate of Liturgical Descecration’, you will feel a twinge of sadness as you realize this great record is coming to an end. Thankfully you can just start the record over, hiding in your bedroom in joyous terror until (insert loved one’s name here) comes to reclaim you. -Jim

Dark Descent


~ by martyworm on September 30, 2012.

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