Lustre – They Awoke to the Scent of Spring

Ah, Lustre, how I’ve missed those circular-saw-on-anvil vocals, nigh endless progressions and bare, programmed drumwork. Yes, we’ve heard this bent on one-man BM before, but an air of sorrowful Swedish hypnosis infused with an oddly calm atmosphere brings those with ears to hear somewhere new; namely, a place of (prepare yourself) … peace. Extreme metal aficionados, you know what I say can be true. Our love of sounds emanating from the shadows, while always inspiring discomfort in others, can often stifle the demons in our hearts and minds, when said sounds are done with taste and and quiet passion.
You will find ample amounts of both here.
Part I (Lustre’s Nachtzeit has a habit of ‘naming’ songs in such a way) opens with a molten, mid-period Burzum-inspired riff, and you immediately sense you have stepped aboard an aged flatboat on its way down a great and somber river, headed where no god lies. Your only companion: a hooded wicht with a voice of a man both burning and freezing to death. The keyboards on the entirety of They Awoke the Scent of Spring (again, like the sparse riffing, reminiscent of Burzum’s best work in ways) remain unadorned and focused throughout, with haunting melodies anchoring the tracks. One-man dark ambient BM can often bury itself in trying to cram too much intricacy in, but Lustre never gives in to such a temptation. Here, simplicity and clarity are goals both sought and attained. Continuing this paradigm, in place of any distortion, a staccato-picked guitar dominates the soundscape of Part III, and though I at first felt it to be misplaced, repeated listens changed my perspective. While not very ‘black metal’, this quiet choice of tonality remains both brave and resolutely dark. Part IV closes this album with a somber rainfall rumination, whilst back on our flatboat, our terrible companion falls silent, letting the aforementioned shadow sounds bring what comfort they can as we curse -and praise- the cold. -Jim

-Nordvis Produktion

~ by cliftonium on September 30, 2012.

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