Hellwell – Beyond the Boundaries of Sin

It seems like I’m always late to arrive at the party, but the last 6 years have found my eyes and ears being awoken to the greatness that is Mark “The Shark” Shelton’s incredible body of work, Manilla Road. I guess the name always made me want to avoid this band, but what a wealth of incredible metal I was missing. This year finds the amazing “Playground of the Damned” spinning endlessly on my turntable and what’s this? Hellwell? Yes! A new band featuring Mr. Shelton along with 2 other players. “Beyond the Boundaries of Sin” sounds a great deal like a new Manilla Road album, other than some of those emotive riffs and gilded metal scales are enveloped by Deep Purple reminiscent organ/keyboard lines. Much like MR, the verses feel so deep and triumphant. The solos are crafted by one of the finest players in the metal realm. The Shark never plays the wrong note and every lead is oozing with soul and passion for the instrument and style of music that has danced beneath his fingers longer than many of you have been alive. Mark’s vocals remain strong and uniquely dark, as his mid-ranged pitch singing style always empowers the riffs they soar above by never following the obvious rhythmic placement, or melody. I guess the main difference between Hellwell and Manilla Road, aside from the keyboards, is the more horror themed lyrics. He can call it whatever he wants… I’m hooked and will fall even further into the boundaries of sin the more I become accustomed to the superior song structures, deep songwriting, and punishingly technical drum performance of Johnny Benson. A damn fine album all the way around! -Marty
Shadow Kingdom Records

~ by martyworm on September 30, 2012.

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