Paganizer – Carve; Stillborn Revelations and Revel in Human Filth

paganizerFor those of you like myself still taking nourishment from the bountiful Swedish death metal teets, the name Paganizer isn’t a new one, or one to simply overlook. Singer/guitarist Roger “Rogga” Johansson is also a name that should stand out, for the man has been in no less than 20 other bands (Demiurg, Putrevore, The Grotesquery, Banished from Inferno, Deranged, and Ribspreader to name a few) throughout his longstanding DM career and has put his morbid stamp all over the Swedish scene. A bit of history: Paganizer was put on hold in 2002, finding the members moving on to create the band Carve, who released “Stillborn Revelations” and “Revel in Human Filth” before switching the name back to Paganizer. Vic Records has stepped in to place both of these titles, along with a handful of bonus tracks, onto one CD under the Paganizer moniker. To the uninitiated, this bands sound won’t surprise you, for detuned death metal, bloated by the stink of melodious harmonies and a crushing, yet sensible brutality are unleashed upon the populace with ease and corpse gobbling fury. There is a clatter and recklessness about this material that is pleasing to me thanks to a real drum production and varying degrees of intensity effortlessly upheaved by this band. Check out the mid-paced and emotive track “Flatline” for a well written slab of flowing death that isn’t afraid of the D-beat, or powerful harmonies to implant that unmovable hook from your grey matter. Rogga’s vocals remain deep and punishing as always and it is good to hear this long out of print material in one place and in my case, for the first time. Paganizer/Carve certainly aren’t offering you any Swedish secrets when it comes to their music, but what they do whisper in your ear is 20 tracks of expertly written death bubbling open with conviction and a pension for the old way. -Marty
Vic Records
For info and samples, go here:

~ by martyworm on December 4, 2012.

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