Promiscuity – Infernal Rock ‘n Roll (Demo)

prom_faceb_may_be_best_oneWith Promiscuity’s Infernal Rock ‘n Roll, what you just read is what you get – beer-swillin’, demon-loving Devil Metal, with a thick analog sound sure to please those that take their rock Hell-twinged. The usual Venom/Motorhead tropes are here, but with a much-needed twist: decidedly thrashy guitar chunkiness, an ignored six-string sound for those steeped in this realm. Best exemplified by second track ‘Crime and Punishment’s Overkill-esque march, you are compelled to remember just how well albums like Under the Influence (if nothing else) just fucking rawked. With a down-picked attack that will have your head nodding if there’s any trace of good-timin’ left in your black heart, this three-track killer will fit well in your hesher party soundtrack. The leads, surprisingly memorable for this type of Metal, perch perfectly atop the Satanic stomp that forms the core of this promising demo. Besides the fun, requisitely gruff vocals keep things dark, completing this package with grin-inducing ’83-era staccato barks that nostalgically blend Hellhammmer and Possessed’s mainman mayhem. These Israeli malcontents have made a $5 demo mean something again.



~ by cliftonium on December 4, 2012.

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