Kongh – Sole Creation

Kongh-Sole-Creation-ArtworkI gotta be honest here… the whole stoner doom movement hit it’s peak with Dopethrone and has been geared more towards an outpouring of emotion and sonic destruction for the live setting, than it has been for one’s home enjoyment. I realize this won’t be a popular opinion and it all boils down to a matter of taste. Having said that, I pulled the trigger on Sweden’s Kongh, fully prepared to piss in someones bong water as the opening waves of their 3rd full-length, Sole Creation crept from the speakers. What do you know… this slab is actually quite enjoyable, as Kongh avoid the obvious genre definers that link most bands of this ilk back to either Electric Wizard, Sleep, or Black Sabbath. Kongh feels a part of this style in overall tempo and detuned riffery, but their output is decidedly more “metal” in presentation due to a full, though smooth/heavy guitar tone, and more adventurous song structures. The vocal styles are 2 fold on this album. The more aggressive yelling/growling also contributes to the metal station of Kongh. The pitch singing is a very vital part to this bands uniqueness and effectively offers excellent melody lines by way of Layne Staley worship with nasaly, drawn out passages that really hit home with emotion. With the spacious movement in these songs, along with adventurous riff tangents that drift off into the cosmos as found on “Skyming”, Kongh offers a very epic and enjoyable journey on Sole Creation, the first material I have heard from this band. This certainly isn’t the type of an album that’s going to eat up hours of my precious listening time, but I find Kongh to be a band that I will investigate even further should one of their older albums turns up under my nose at a record shop. Sole Creation is worthy of your appreciation, especially if you try to avoid the death and black metal side of heavy music. -Marty

Agonia Records

~ by martyworm on January 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “Kongh – Sole Creation”

  1. If you choose to listen to an other album, pick Counting Heartbeats. Won’t disappoint.

  2. Thanks Mat…. will do!

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