Sacred Steel – The Bloodshed Summoning


After 15 years of survival in the metal world, this is admittedly the first Sacred Steel I’ve ever heard. This tells me that their career has been plagued by poor label deals/distribution, OR their material never struck a chord deep enough to lump them into the heralded ”classic” metal gods category enough for me to take notice, or have otherssay,”Dude, you gotta check these guys out”. First impression of ”The Bloodshed Summoning” is a good one, for musically, SS are quite interesting with their song structures and the guitar work is pleasantly advanced as they combine Maiden-esque riffs (When the Siren Calls), with other airy power metal fills that are propelled by an underlying thrash background. The latter influence is their countries (Germany) birth-rite, and it fits within their nicely open-minded musical framework. The only real problem with this is that the singer, Gerrit P. Mutz goes out of his way to incorporate a rougher/dirtier vocal style ala Mille Petrozza (Kreator) to coexist with his otherwise solid and suitable pitch singing. The back and forth alteration in his delivery becomes annoying to me as I found myself preferring his clean singing on this material since the music is aggressive enough to keep me interested. His confusion reaches a climax when he starts out a phrase screamed, to seemingly alternate mid sentence back into the clean singing. Pick a style and stick with it. Having said that, Gerrit is a powerful vocalist that really does a good job placing his lyrical ideas in the music so that he doesn’t always follow the riff melody lines verbatim. He just needs a bit of direction in the studio and I feel the bugs will be worked out on the next album. Having enjoyed The Bloodshed Summoning, I realize that this may be a bit too heavy for power metal purists, and too melodically charged for the classic thrash fiends to get excited over, but that’s ok. SS have created a solid and effective album that won’t disappoint those of you out there that feed from many stylistic troughs. -Marty

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~ by martyworm on January 1, 2013.

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