Deceptor – Chains of Delusion (MCD)

deceptorComing up in the age of Thrash Metal, I hold strong opinions about the authenticity or purpose of modern takes on the pre-cursor to Metal’s more Extreme bedfellows of Death and Black. That strong opinion is simply thus: most latter-day speedsters aren’t worth the effort it takes to press play. Not all of the throwaway nature of these upstarts can be blamed on ineptitude; part of said blame lies with TM’s forbears. As Worm Gear OG Marty has stated, while a good many Thrash bands were and are indispensable, even more had a paper-thin sincerity about Cold War-era politics and a ‘let’s just have fun and mosh’ aesthetic that just hasn’t aged well. But then Deceptor hits the promo list … and my jaded ears get boxed. With Chains of Delusion, these UK youths prove they understand what made the genre great. ‘Transmission I’ shatters the silence with a brief Mr Roboto voice a la the great Killing Technology, warning us that the constant specter of mankind being it’s own worst enemy ‘exists no longer’ (no topicality here, thank Jeebus), before plunging us into the great mid-ranged guitar gallop of of ‘To Know Infinity’. Think the punchiness of early Iron Maiden/late-80s Manilla Road with a great Dave Ellefson bass-clang and a reserved, less frenetic take on the precision rhythm playing of the ‘other Dave’. Deceptor’s finger-flexing dexterity is downplayed, however, in favor of memorable songwriting, a choice other youngsters with Thrash afros/mullets and high-tops may want to consider. And the vocals…well, if you’re not old enough to have had a Grim Reaper tape in the ’80s, then Paul Fulda’s style may be outside of your wheelhouse. Still, I recommend sticking with it. Fulda’s Agent Steel meets Overkill vocal warbling perfectly compliments the high-tone, bleach-clean guitar sound. The payoff – the desire to listen to the album again and again after this MCD’s eighteen minutes fly on by– is more than worth it.

With their controlled approach to riffery peppered with NWOBHM tenets and early Speed Metal subject matter, Chains of Delusion exudes enough tasteful technical display to remain interesting in part because of – not in spite of – the kind of over-the-top, slightly off-kilter singing that some Thrash Metal bands are known for. Deceptor holds the flag high for those still believing Metal can hit all the marks by being just ‘fast’ instead of ‘blast’. -Jim

Shadow Kingdom Records

~ by cliftonium on January 16, 2013.

8 Responses to “Deceptor – Chains of Delusion (MCD)”

  1. Trench Hell’s Southern Cross Ripper is easily my favorite thrash album in recent years—it’s really good. Nekromantheon is pretty good and Witchtrap’s Vengeance is half good.

  2. Jim, very well said regarding the resurgence of Thrash. Quite trendy and a bit odd. But Zahler, yes, there is some great stuff out there. The Nekromantheon, although a huge Slayer/Kreator worshipper somehow manages to wonderfully pull it off. And it think its because of that ever so slight black metal tinge to their music, and the sincerity of their sound overall. Love that band!

  3. Glad you dug the review, Patrick. I felt like the comments on Thrash in general were something I needed to get off of my chest. Some of my favorite albums ever are from that era, but because in many ways it was a product of its time, I feel that most musicians that are trying to resurrect the style have an uphill battle. Not that it can’t be done; bands like Deceptor are one of the few I’ve heard that don’t come off sounding hollow. I haven’t heard Nekromantheon and recall not enjoying Witchtrap at all, but I’ll check out the former and give a second listen to the latter. I’ve been listening to Trenchgrinder quite a bit lately, an unsigned band from Brooklyn that isn’t perfect but has a nice Black Metal/Bolt Thrower thing going on, so I may as well continue that theme and give Trench Hell a shot too \m/ Thanks for the suggestions, Zahler.

  4. Hail. Your comments are needed— I’ve listened to about 70 new thrash bands in the last few years and the only one I get fully behind is Trench Hell. Southern Cross Ripper has been in regular rotation since I got it and is an all time thrash favorite up there with that first Whiplash, some Razors, Zombie Attack, Flag of Hate, Eternal Devastation, vintage Megadeth & Metallica. Partially because of the blackened vibe, Trench Hell doesn’t come off as retro, kinda like Nekromantheon (but better).

    In the meantime, since you mentioned Grim Reaper, the [self-proclaimed] ugliest band in the world, here’s a top favorite from their least popular (and also best) final album. The song is “I Want More.”
    Belting Grimmet his shrill best and incredibly tasty leads by Bowcott.

  5. My God, that Trench Hell album OWNS! I’ve got get that on vinyl. Also, Nekromantheon: Kreator w/ Destroyer 666 vox? More please. Really enjoyed both, Mr Z \m/

  6. Also: love the ‘Rock You to Hell’ album \m/ Funny story; many, many years go, a poorly misguided but well-meaning personage, seeking to ‘de-Metallize’ me, had me sit through a hilarious video-taped seminar of the morons who wrote this . In the seminar, they referenced Grim Reaper’s ‘See You In Hell’ lyrics as being ‘idiotic’ (irony of ironies). Afterwards, I immediately went and sought the song and the band responsible out. A wonderful case of dogma backfiring completely \m/

  7. Glad you dig Trench Hell, and yeah, D666 vocals = the best vocals in extreme metal. Nobody beats KK in tunes like Genesis to Genocide and Witchhunter. Also, I’m happy that you survived the ‘de-metalling’ (and that Grimmett and Bowcott helped). If you’re looking for more Steve Grimmett, the Onslaught album he did is pretty good (if a bit bloated), and half of the Lionsheart album called Abyss compares to vintage Reaper.

  8. New thrash that has hit me between the eyes…. Vektor. Holy hell is this band amazing. And sorry…. Grimmace, I mean Grimmett led Onslaught is poopy. Only “The Force” is real! 🙂

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