Head of the Demon – S/T

headofthedemonMore Lovecraft inspired metal, this time from Sweden. And why not? Lovecraft is one of literatures most inspired, bizarrely twisted and creative genius’ to have ever poured their dark thoughts so meticulously into a well of ink, then onto paper. Head of the Demon’s bio information tries to build them up as a musical enigma as their members are unknown. Sorry guys, but such a tactic isn’t going to usher you into a touring slot with Ghost anytime soon, nor is your musical content. “Head of the Demon” is one of those albums that begins and I find myself sitting in front of the speakers in anticipation for it to finally “kick in”. Sadly, it never does. A thin tone that produces zero bass response plagues this equally barren material. You know that common cliché… a tinny intro plinks through the opening notes, only for all the guitars and low end to blast in on that opening chord… again… I’m waiting for that triumphant strike to happen. Head of the Demon have combined bleak Hellhammer-isms both vocally and in the simplistic guitar lines, with a weird form of traditional doom that sounds like it was played on a tiny amp turned up to achieve a loud rattle (I won’t call it “distortion”). Though there are several, it sounds like only 1 guitar was turned up in the mix. The drums sound far off in the distance with a snare fashioned out of a wet cardboard box. The tracks “Phantasmagoria” and “The Man From Foreign Land” pick up the pace and interest a bit with more of a spirited movement in the main riff that resembles a bit of a Celtic Frost mixed with Sarke catchiness, but it is killed by visionless vocal lines and that dry demo tape tone. I will admit to the 2nd half of this album outshining the 1st as the band somehow gets in touch with their mystical side, but it’s not enough for me to want to invest the time needed to see past my complaints with this material. The cult card has been played by Head of the Demon and I do see folks out there that are drawn to the runt of the litter getting into this, but there is far too much boredom in this songwriting style that keeps the riffs from developing for me to get excited about what Head of the Demon is doing. Well…. the cover is cool at least! -Marty
The Ajna Offensive

~ by martyworm on January 16, 2013.

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