Medico Peste – Tremendum et Fascinatio

MedicoStaring at the page, fingers hovering over the keyboard, just not feeling it. Too much shite swirling around in my head right now; a little inspiration would be nice … Got this in the mail, let’s just try this … Tremendum et Fascinatio, eh? Intriguing title … and ‘check’ for the nice eerie cover. Hit play and –

The light source behind my eyes pales as I hear the death-spasm voice of Medico Peste howl in a tongue unknown yet familiar. I know I have arrived and step through the wrought-iron entrance unbidden. From all around walls bleed with sounds of slow, skin-peeling Doom riffs, pulsating alongside Black Metal tritones that hold aloft unseen, dank spores of heaviness, together choking the sulphuric air. The voice remains audible as I descend, and I realize this spewing, putrid screams – beckoning one moment, threatening the next – will remain the vocal companion of this dark, cavernous nightmare I have chosen this night. The low thud of plodding, highly proficient but restrained drumming can be felt beneath the bloodstained steps beneath my feet, and my gait quickens, meanders and slackens in time with the mishmash of Doom, BM, and intermingling ancient, tribal rhythms lockstepped with the shriveled husk-heartbeats of those that have come before in service. As I descend further, the screams devolve into maniacal laughs , then twist again into a monastic admonition as the sounds lurch as one toward a triumphant 4/4 march of tremolo-picked schizophrenia. And I know. I know that to continue means to embrace Tremendum et Fascinatio’s madness as my own. A madness like hearing Glorior Belli in one headphone and a melted Gorgoroth LP in the other. I start taking two steps at a time. Three. My walk becomes a run…

– man, this is what I’m talking about. Astute and original, but with more than enough of Black/Doom’s past oozing forth to make the album’s effect comforting. (sips beer) Now I’m ready to write! -Jim

Malignant Voices

~ by cliftonium on February 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “Medico Peste – Tremendum et Fascinatio”

  1. Holy shit, this is a surprising one! Nice one Jim. And I dig the review style. It seems new for you. I bought this one already. Thanks!

  2. Glad you dug it man! Yeah, I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so you’ll see different approaches from time to time, though an album like this certainly greases the wheels anyway …

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