We are the wounds … and the great cold death of the earth. . .

As I patiently await the arrival of my yooper scooper so that I can make it out of my snowdrifty driveway without the car needing to catch air, I thought I’d hop on here and yes, provide you all with a few persnickety posts. Notably absent from the proceedings this time is Marty, as family needs will be demanding his attention for the better part of the next few weeks. Of course, you’ll still see him pop up here and there in the meantime, as Worm Gear will always be under his watchful care. Enjoy this brief offering, and thanks in advance for your rants and raves…-Jim

Marty Rytkonen – Playlist
Zemial – In Monumentum
Sadistic Intent – Ancient Black Earth
Rotting Christ – Triarchy of the Lost Lovers
Rotting Christ – Thy Mighty Contract
Varathon – Stygian Forces of Scorn
Varathon – His Majesty at the Swamp
Sacred Reich – Ignorance
Iron Angel – Hellish Crossfire
Deathrow – Deception Ignored
Sacramentum – Thy Black Destiny

Jim Clifton – Playlist
Horna – Sudentaival
Cruciamentum – Engulfed In Desolation
High on Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis
Borknagar – S/T
Victor Griffin’s In-Graved
Destruction – Sentence of Death/Infernal Overkill
Trouble – Manic Frustration
Soundgarden – Louder than Love
Obituary – Cause of Death
Black Sabbath – Master of Reality

~ by cliftonium on February 20, 2013.

13 Responses to “We are the wounds … and the great cold death of the earth. . .”

  1. I’m here and about to hit the hay. The Medico Peste is really something! Very nice surprise indeed. All the best to Marty’s family.

    My playlist:

    Maveth – Of Serpent and Shadow (just got this on vinyl and sounds really really good so far! )
    Messiah – Psychomorphia
    Medico Peste – Tremendum et Fascinatio (its on my playlist this whole week for sure now!)
    Terra Tenebrosa – Tunnels
    The Black Heart Rebellion – Har Nevo
    Coffin Texts – Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife
    Dodecahedron – Dodecahedron
    Armoured Angel – Mysterium and Stigmatyr
    Urfaust – Der Freiwillge Bettler
    Morbus Chron – Sleepers in the Rift
    Chapel of Disease – Summoning the Black Gods
    Thorns – Grymyrk
    Arcturus – The Sham Mirrors
    Void Forger – Ruined Demo
    Mitochondrion – Parasignosis
    Cloak of Altering – Ancient Paths Through Timeless Voids

    And Good Night……

  2. Well this is a first. I bought every album reviewed. Wasn’t hard considering it was 2. hehe.

  3. Haven’t played Sacrimentum in quite awhile; that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to dig out the indominable DAWN ‘Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy’)… maybe I’ll get to it this weekend.

    Recently Playing
    Gamma Ray- Majestic
    Iron Maiden- Piece of Mind
    Sentenced- North from Here
    Brocas Helm- Defender of the Crown

  4. Mr. E. Tails,

    Is the Maveth LP gatefold? Been looking to get that, but I try to just stick to gatefolds.


  5. no sir. it is a jacket. sound of it is well worth it. that liquid wet guitar sound and that vinyl just hit like salt and pepper.

  6. Demigod – Slumber of Sullen Eyes
    Demilich – Nespithe
    Convulse – World Without God
    Stench of Decay – S/T
    Krypts – S/T EP
    Krypts – Unending Degradation
    Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth
    Desolate Shrine – The Sanctum of Human Darkness

    And also:
    Everything by Chelsea Wolfe (indie/folk music for black metal fans?)
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away (I’m a longtime Cave fan and his latest, again, doesn’t disappoint)
    Plus a lot of honkin’, hollerin’, screamin’, preachin’, and groovin’ 60’s/70’s free jazz (John Coltrane, Archie Shepp, Pharoah Sanders) which is a bit weird because these guys were highly politically/spiritually charged in a way that’s completely opposed to my black metallish personal philosophies, but I dig it a lot anyway.

  7. Freek – you only listening to Finnish Metal to spite me? Clever. But you end up looking more like a tool than anything else my friend.

  8. Lighten up man! No I’m not listening to these albums to spite you, I just happen to love playing them! Thinking that I would post that just to piss you off makes you a pretty self absorbed moron in my book, “my friend”. What makes you think I was even thinking about you when I posted this? This is what I played last week. I like these finnish bands. Now get over it already!

  9. Ikbenfreek,

    Any favorites of the free jazz stuff you’ve been listening to? I really enjoy the Coltrane stuff I have after he went “off the deep end” post love supreme, but I’ve never really checked out any other artists. Curious to your thoughts.

  10. Cirkus-Lizard> “Off the deep end” Coltrane is wonderful indeed (Meditations, Sun Ship, Transition, Expression), I’ve bought The Concert in Japan yesterday but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. For Pharoah Sanders (Coltrane’s partner when he went off the deep end) you can’t get wrong with Karma and for a more varied program try Thembi. Pharoah was all about the endless, hypnotic grooves, lots of perscussion and some singing/chanting. Archie Shepp: Four For Trane, Fire Music or Mama Too Tight. Free stuff but with a healthy dose of funk and rhythm & blues involved. I’ll leave it at that for now but once you get me started on free jazz I can go on for hours…

    On a different note:
    Ectovoid – Fractured in the Timeless Abyss. Just arrived yesterday and it’s gooood… Think the evil nightmarish stuff like Portal/Mitochondrion/Antediluvian but more simplified (in a good way) and riff-orientated. The sound of cavedwellers dwelling their caves… Bassplayer is not only audible but follows his own path, I like that in death metal.

  11. Jim…. I just watched the video promoting the Yooper Scooper and I see it as problematic. It looks decent form pushing snow forward, BUT when you get the snow accumulated, this thing is too heavy/bulky to pick it up to pile the snow higher as you would with a shovel. I guess every good idea suffers from a design flaw. I used to have a snow scoop like this years ago (sans wheels) and that was the problem with it.

  12. I’ve got it now and have been using it, and though it isn’t perfect, I do find for me it’s a bit easier than shoveling. Next year I won’t wait until the accumulation’s so high – I think staying on top of that will be the key to its effectiveness \m/

  13. That Sacramentum album is really good, underrated band.

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